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1998 Toyota 4Runner owned by Mark

Miles: 441,010
Drivetrain: V6, 5 speed
Major repairs: Replaced clutch at 387k. Nothing more than just normal wear parts.
Date entered: 2020-11-09

1995 Toyota 4Runner owned by Jack

Miles: 321,400
Drivetrain: 3.0 auto 4x4
Major repairs: Head gaskets and that`s mainly for a oil leak
Comments: Bought this brand new in 1995. We keep the services up and mostly my 81 year old mom drives this, and it`s not far from looking showroom clean
Date entered: 2020-09-18

1987 Toyota Compact Pickup owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 500,079
Drivetrain: 22R (carb), 5 speed manual
Major repairs: 2 heads, blown head gasket
Comments: Original clutch, rear end, goes approx 3500 miles before needing to add oil
Date entered: 2020-09-02

2016 Toyota 4Runner owned by Brandie

Miles: 200,015
Drivetrain: SR5, 2wd
Major repairs: Ive got an aftermarket intake and remote start. 1 dead battery before the remote start. Oil, brakes, and tires as expected. I`ve replaced the spark plugs once for my own peace of mind.
Comments: Bought brand new in 2016 with 18 miles. My job requires a lot of travel as a printer technician and I run rescue transports all over the Southeast US in my free time.
Date entered: 2020-08-30

2011 Toyota Sienna owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 227,000
Drivetrain: 6 Cylinder
Major repairs: None
Date entered: 2020-08-22

2003 Toyota Tundra owned by James Cargo

Miles: 224,000
Drivetrain: 3.4 V6, 5-speed manual
Major repairs: Frame recall in 14’, all suspension replaced in 19’, new tires, new brakes, all new engine gaskets, timing belt and waterpump completed 19’
Comments: Bought in 2014 from a nice older man, very well taken care off. I’m convinced it’ll outlast most anything at this point.
Date entered: 2020-07-18

2008 Toyota Highlander owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 322,000
Drivetrain: V6, auto
Major repairs: AC compressor and evaporator $3,000
Comments: This is my second Highlander that I have put on over 300,000 miles. It is as beautiful as the day I drove her off the lot. Majority of the miles are miles I have spent on the highway volunteering doing animal rescue transports
Date entered: 2020-06-13

2015 Toyota Prius owned by Michelle

Miles: 201,500
Drivetrain: 1.8
Major repairs: None
Comments: Purchased new late 2015. All original except fluids, filters and tires.
Date entered: 2020-05-29

2011 Toyota Camry owned by Lee Schmelzer

Miles: 200,001
Drivetrain: 4 cylinder
Major repairs: alternator
Comments: Just broke 200K on May 19, 2020.
Date entered: 2020-05-21

2001 Toyota 4Runner owned by Jim More

Miles: 250,000
Drivetrain: 6 cylinder gas, automatic
Major repairs: None
Comments: Original owner and well maintained
Date entered: 2020-05-14

1999 Lexus LX owned by Clark Chastain

Miles: 342,000
Drivetrain: 4.3L AWD Automatic
Major repairs: None.
Comments: Just now the second owner, fully loaded with the Nakamichi, Telephone, etc.
Date entered: 2020-05-13

1989 Toyota Compact Pickup owned by Jim Alexander

Miles: 234,435
Drivetrain: 2.4litre, 4 sped automatic
Major repairs:
Date entered: 2020-04-30

1994 Toyota Corolla owned by mark herrera

Miles: 200,000
Drivetrain: 1.8 4speed outo
Major repairs: new radiator new starter
Date entered: 2020-04-04

1993 Toyota Camry owned by George JORDAN

Miles: ,
Drivetrain: 2.2
Major repairs: Everything except for transmission and starter
Comments: It still runs great small leak in power steering line
Date entered: 2020-02-27

2012 Toyota Prius owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 200,108
Drivetrain: 1.8l CVT fwd
Major repairs: Second owner, I`ve only had to replace o2 sensor at 150,000
Date entered: 2020-02-27

1998 Toyota 4Runner owned by Paton Pryce

Miles: 316,500
Drivetrain: 3400 V6 5 Speed Auto 4D
Major repairs: None
Date entered: 2020-02-25

2006 Toyota Corolla owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 244,000
Drivetrain: 1.8L 4cyl
Major repairs: Had 7 yr 75k warranty ,covered new Transmission. Average wear and tear. Starter , alternator , radiator , bearings, air blower x3,
Comments: Needs catalytic converter , I`d like to keep it going , car has been good to me , has great dna and been many places
Date entered: 2020-02-24

2007 Toyota Other owned by Jefferson Lindsay

Miles: 200,011
Drivetrain: 4.0L v6, automatic
Major repairs: Alternator around 180K
Comments: 2007 FJ Cruiser
Date entered: 2020-02-18

2008 Toyota Camry owned by shawnhenson73

Miles: 235,650
Drivetrain: 4cyl hybrid
Major repairs: none
Date entered: 2020-02-14

1997 Toyota 4Runner owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 300,250
Drivetrain: 6cyl. Manual trans
Major repairs: None
Comments: Purchased in 2002 with 89000 miles.
Date entered: 2020-02-13

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