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1999 Corolla engine cant start in 2001 Corolla. HELP!
March 18, 2010
We purchased a 1999 corolla engine to replace a 2001 Corolla engine. The mechanic said the timing is different and would need a computer for the engine to run. Can anyone offer any other advice or will this engine not work in a 2001 Corolla.

March 18, 2010#1
Can you get the 1999 computer to go with the 1999 engine?

March 19, 2010#2
I havent asked. I thought the engines were compatible with one another.

March 19, 2010#3
The valvetrain is different between those two model years, one being the variable valve timing. 1998-1999 Corollas ran a 1ZZ-FE, 2000+ Corollas run a 1ZZ-FE w/VVTi. You can swap in a VVTi engine in place of a non-VVTi engine, but the VVTi's ECM also has to me installed as well. Cannot run it on the original (non-VVTi) ECM.

Also depends on what was exactly swapped. It if was the shortblock, the bottom end portion - basically everything below the cylinder head - then you probably be OK running the old valvetrain and ECM.

March 24, 2010#4
I have a 1999 Corolla and just purchased an engine for it. They said it was a 1999 but the engine on it says 2001 Corolla. This motor has coil packs and the 99 has sparkplug wires. Am I going to have the same problem if I swap it that it will not start?

March 26, 2010#5
For one - the two engines are completely different on the top - 1998-1999 Corollas have a 1ZZ-FE engine without VVTi, use spark plug wires connected to to external coils and MAP based air sensor. The 2000-2002 Corollas have the 1ZZ-FE with VVTi, use individual coil on plugs, and use a MAF based air sensor. You cannot just swap the engines - the ECM is different between the two. Just dropping in the 2001 engine will get you nowhere as this engine has more sensors, more things to control that your original one.

Off-topic - why did you have to replace the originial engine. What do you mean it would not start - car would turn over and not fire or you turn the key and nothing happens?

September 22, 2010#6
I have a crashed 2001 corolla and a 1999 with a bad engine. I want to install the engine from the 2001 into the 1999 . Is there a way to swap the entire brains and all to make it work??

September 22, 2010#7
Need a bit more details - looking to swap just the engine or the engine and transaxle from the 2001 car? What transaxle is in the 2001 car - 3-speed auto, 4-speed auto, 5-speed standard?

Assuming you are swapping both the engine and transaxle, as long as you swap over the electronics (ECM, wiring harness, etc.) - this is a doable swap. Many cases, owners have swapped in "newer" 1ZZ-FE engines to replace earlier ones with little to no issue. Fortunately, most of the hard parts - mounts, exhaust locations, etc. can be reused. So little to no fabrication is needed there.

If you are just swapping the engine from a car that had a 4-speed, would be a little more complicated, as there are interconnections between the engine and transaxle and ECM. It can still be done, but you'll need to get your hands on the factory service manual and be comfortable with rewiring the harness.

Another option is to swap in just the short block (everything from below the cylinder heads). In that case, the engines are nearly identical - so no need to swap the ECM or wiring harness. But this assumes that the rest of the original engine is in good running condition (ie, old engine was consuming a lot of motor oil).

October 30, 2010#8
I am normally really careful when it comes to engines because they are really sensitive. I suppose you had valid reasons in changing the engines plus it would be good to have a pro have a look at it.

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