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2009 Toyota Corolla brake problem
October 15, 2010
Something is wrong with my car brake pedal. It doesnt feel right when the brake pedal goes down to the floor while braking. How do I adjust it?

October 15, 2010#1
Could be a number of things happening here. Hard to tell without more information.

Does the brake pedal go complete down to the floor?
Have you checked to make sure there is enough brake friction material in the brakes?
Have you checked the level of brake fluid in the brake master cylinder?
Are there any unusual noises accompanying braking, scrapping, chirping, screeching, pedal pulsations, etc.?
Does this happen after the car has sat overnight?
Does this happen after the car has completely warmed up or if you have been using the brakes heavily?

Could anything for worn brake pads, heavily contaminated or low brake fluid levels, faulty calipers/wheel cylinders, worn rotors/drums, faulty master cylinder, damaged brake lines, etc.

If the brake pedal sinks all the way to the floor, you have a serious brake issue and need to get this looked at ASAP. Car may be braking OK now, but that could suddenly change. Most common cause of a sinking brake pedal is a faulty master cylinder. Usually caused by brake fluid that has been neglected for a long period of time. Over time, brake fluid will absorb moisture, this contaminated fluid will cause corrosion to metal components in the brake system, damaging seals and pistons.

Sometimes, it is due to the rear drums (assuming rear drums, front disc brakes) being grossly misadjusted. Usually after an inspection or if the brakes were recently worked on.

Since the car is "new" - I wouldnt guess at the issue, take it in, as it is still covered under the 3yr/30K mile bumper to bumper warranty. Start a workorder on it, start a paper trail to protect yourself.

October 17, 2010#2
Thanks for the response fishexpo101. There was no pressure to the brake pedal at all but it almost goes down to the floor (not completely). Maybe the problem is on the master cylinder and I will have it checked at our local Toyota repair shop.

October 17, 2010#3
I like to ask the professionals when something beyond my scope is at hand. Take it to a mechanic you trust because the longer it takes, the more complicated it becomes.

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