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Headlight problem
October 25, 2010
The headlight on both sides of my car need to be replaced because they flicker when I stop, or is there something else related to it that needs attention? I need advice on how to adjust the lights before I visit our local Toyota again and pay for the repair.

October 25, 2010#1
Sounds like an alternator, voltage regulator, or grounding issue.

October 27, 2010#2
Yeah, if it flickers when you stop, I highly doubt its the bulb itself. If it isnt one of the things toyodave mentions, it might even be a loose wire that is getting jiggled when you stop. How old is the car?

October 27, 2010#3
Perhaps it is a loose connection somewhere. It would be wise to visit your dealer before you resort to making any decision. If that would make you pay again(because the dealers are out to make money anyway), how about finding out from someone with a similar or almost similar model?

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