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How-To: Replace the Radiator on a 2000 Celica GT
August 11, 2011
Hello again ToyoLand peeps,

Welcome to yet another instalment in my on going 'How-To' thread series :) The latest pursuit that I've accomplished was replacing the radiator on a 2000 Celica GT. Please note that this procedure will apply to all years of the latest generation Celica GT, i.e. 2000-2005:

1. Remove the front bumper cover.

2. Drain the engine coolant.

3. Remove the air cleaner assembly.

4. Remove the engine coolant reservoir.

5. Disconnect the cooling fans.

6. Disconnect the upper and lower radiator hoses.

7. If equipped with automatic transmission, disconnect the oil cooler hoses.

8. Remove the 3 bolts, and disconnect the hood lock.

9. Remove the 2 bolts and center brace.

10. Remove the 2 bolts, 2 nuts and 2 condenser upper supports.

11. If equipped with cruise control, remove the bolt and disconnect the cruise control actuator.

12. Remove the 2 bolts and radiator upper support and support bushings.

13. Remove the radiator assembly.


1. If removed, install the cooling fan assembly and torque the bolts to 44 inch lbs. (5 Nm).

2. Install the 2 lower radiator support bushings.

3. Install the radiator assembly.

4. Install the 2 upper radiator support bushings.

5. Install the radiator upper support with the 2 bolts.

6. If equipped with cruise control, install the cruise control actuator with the 3 bolts.

7. Install the 2 condenser upper supports with the 2 bolts and nuts.

8. Install the center brace with the 2 bolts.

9. Install the hood lock with the 3 bolts.

10. With automatic transmission, connect the oil cooler hoses.

11. Connect both radiator hoses.

12. Connect the cooling fan wiring.

13. Install the engine coolant reservoir and connect the hoses.

14. Filling the cooling system and run the engine to check for leaks.

15. Install the front bumper cover.

**Useful diagrams**
at <-Again, to access this diagram: Click on the 'Get Info' button under Parts Listing, then click 'Go' button in the window that pops up and the diagram will be displayed. I know that this is a rather awkward system but this is the best diagram that I could find.

Good luck with your repairs Celica owners! :D
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