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Where is the FJ Cruiser sold?
August 16, 2007
I live in South Africa and I am looking for a right hand drive FJ Cruiser. As I need a right hand drive so I looked at the Japanese site just to find out whether there is a right hand drive at all. I could not work it out. My question therefore does anybody know whether there is a market where right hand drives are sold? If so what can you tell me about models, type engine, etc. Anybody ever bought a car via a Japanese website? In case I would like to buy a second hand one... Thank you for your help (tu)

August 17, 2007#1
The new FJ Cruiser is only marketed to the North American market at the moment. Only left hand drive models are produced in the Hino, Japan assembly plant.

August 17, 2007#2
Its a great looker, inside and out, but fuel usage is pretty poor and I suspect thats the main obstruction to selling it in markets without cheap gas. When the Isuzu diesels come to Toyota light vehicles, I think they might just sell the FJ elsewhere.

October 23, 2010#3
FJ cruiser now toyota will starting the production RHD steering from the factory if you need any details contact on email
Sulaiman rafi

October 23, 2010#4
I never bought a car via a Japanese website. Are you into sports automobile cars? I saw from Japan-Partner website that they sell Toyota LAND CRUISER PRADO TZ and are also exported to Africa.

November 1, 2010#5
I love SUVs if that is close to what you mean. I would look around my current location or do various internet searches. I have not heard of any Japanese sites but I know they make good cars.

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